COVID 19 Meal Plan -Click here!

Franklin County Schools



Meal pickup will resume Saturday, May 2nd and continue each Saturday through May 23rd (May 9, 16, & 23).

There will be no bus delivery!
You must come to the school’s car line to pickup.

10:00AM - 12:00 PM

5 days worth of food at each pickup

To ensure the students of Franklin County Schools continue to receive healthy and nutritious meals during the time schools are closed in response to COVID-19, Franklin County Schools will be providing breakfasts and lunches free of charge to students and anyone 18 and younger.  

Meals will be prepared at each school cafeteria by Franklin County Schools CNP staff.  All Alabama Department of Public Health and USDA procedures and guidelines for meal prep, storage, service and sanitation will be observed.


Meals will be provided according to the following schedule:

Bus Riders

Five (5) breakfast meals and five (5) lunch meals will be delivered to each bus rider.   These meals will be delivered between 10:00 a.m. and 12 Noon on Monday, March 23rd and each Monday thereafter until students are allowed to return to school.  PLEASE! Be available to receive your meals when the bus arrives.  You will not need to get on the bus to get your meals.  School personnel will bring your meals from the bus.


Car Line Pickup 

Five (5) breakfast meals and five (5) lunch meals will be available for pickup at your school between 10:00 a.m. and 12 Noon on Saturday, May 2nd and continue every Saturday through May 23rd. Meals will be served in your school’s drop-off/pick-up line.  Some of the lines will be reversed to make serving easier.  There will be personnel on each campus to guide traffic flow.  Please follow their direction at all times and DO NOT get out of your vehicle while on campus.  At the point of pick-up, someone will bring meals to your car for all children in the car.



COVID 19 Meal Plan- English

COVID 19 Meal Plan- Spanish