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Completing LETRS Training

6 teachers posing in front of the school mascot mural in the matching t-shirts of the LETRS program

Congratulations to our teachers who have completed LETRS training.  On Thursday, March 5, the final Face-to-Face meeting for Cohort 1 was held. These teachers have been committed for the last two years to complete over 200 hours of training in an in-depth study of the science of reading.  We want to recognize and applaud the efforts of Karen Jones, Kindergarten, Suzanne Wilson, Kindergarten, Dana Hill, Second Grade, Rachel Hammond, Third Grade, Brianna Champion, Third Grade, and Ina Taylor, Sixth Grade, for their efforts to improve literacy instruction for our students at Belgreen High School. 

The teachers would like to extend their appreciation to the administrators who supported them throughout the process.  In Year 1, Mrs. Scott and Mr. Ergle helped with the application process and offered their support.  Mr. Ergle and Mrs. Roberts continued the support during Year 2’s training.  Mrs. Jessica Hamilton helped with the initial application process and was there to lend her support.


Way to Go! We are proud of what each of you have accomplished.