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  • State Testing- There will be no state testing for the 2019-20 school year. Additionally, a State Report Card will not be released in the fall of 2020.

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  • Food pick up and delivery from lunchrooms will be each Saturday morning between 10:00-12:00. Students will receive breakfast and lunches for the week.

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  • Based on the latest advisement from the CDC and the Governor of Alabama, the Franklin County Schools will be closed beginning Tuesday, March 17, 2020 and remain closed for the remainder of the school year.

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    Welcome to Franklin County Schools! 

    Located in beautiful Northwest Alabama, we invite you to visit our communities.  Franklin County has an estimated population of 31,000 and continues to be a popular destination for visitors seeking some Southern Hospitality. Home of the Bear Creek Lakes and numerous festivals, our area offers a multitude of recreational activities for visitors to enjoy. Our district consists of nine elementary and high schools and one centrally located Career-Technical Center. We have a progressive and highly qualified teaching staff that is committed to meeting our students' needs academically, socially and emotionally. 

     Franklin County Schools subscribes to the belief that the primary function of the public schools is to promote the understanding, maintenance, and improvement of the American way of life.  To that end, the curriculum in the Franklin County Schools shall promote the development of democratic values and shall be based on a program of instruction in academic, technical subjects, fine arts, vocational/technical skills, citizenship, cultural development, and enhancement of moral and spiritual values.

    The responsibility for providing a free, appropriate education for all children and youth in Franklin County is placed on the Franklin County Board of Education by the Alabama Legislature. In fulfilling this responsibility, the Board will:

    • Plan for program variety to allow for individual differences in mental abilities, physical stamina, learning styles, and other factors which determine progress in the school program.
    • Plan for educational opportunity for each individual who is eligible for enrollment in the school system.
    • Employ competent personnel and counseling procedures during placement of individuals, which include conferences among pupils, parents, and teachers.
    • Support athletics and all school activities as an integral part of the local school program, but to be supportive to the basic academic program.
    • Insist on reasonable standards of behavior and application so that pupils' right to learn is protected and no pupil is permitted to infringe in any way on the right of his or her classmates to learn.



  • Franklin County School system is making plans to return to a traditional setting for the 2020-21 school year. School officials are seeking input from parents. Addressing challenges may be necessary during the upcoming school year.

    Please complete the following survey:

     2020-21 Parent Survey

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