• P-EBT Funds/Cards

    We realize many of you have questions about the P-EBT funds/cards. Franklin County Schools Child Nutrition Program is not directly involved in this process. However, we have been forwarded this phone number. If you have questions about your child's P-EBT funds/card, you may call 1-800-410-5827. If other information is made available to our office, we will share immediately.

  • Thank you Betty Mahan for 60 years of dedicated service to Vina High School and community.


    Betty Mahan was recently honored at the CNP Spring Directors meeting in Montgomery, Alabama.

    Betty started working in the Vina Cafeteria in 1960. Her starting pay was $2.00 per day.

    In 1966 the county started building the cafeteria that Betty works in now; and in 1968 they moved in and began to serve students

    Betty did not know how to drive when Monroe passed away. She taught herself.  She is a very strong woman. She broke her leg November 2, 2017 while delivering breakfast in the classroom.  The cart she was pulling ran over her.  Doctor’s prescribed 6-8 weeks of rehabilitation.  Betty was back home after 3 weeks.

     The Vina School burned in 1981 but the cafeteria remained intact. The students had classes in the cafeteria during the rebuilding of the school.

     To this day, Betty still enjoys mowing her lawn and working in her yard. She also enjoys spending time with her cats and tending her chickens.

     Betty has served four generations of students. She has worked with:

    ·         Four different CNP Directors

    ·         Ten different Principals

    ·         Six Different Superintendents

    ·         Five Different Managers


    We all love and appreciate you Miss Betty!

CNP State Director June Barrett-Owens, Betty Mahan and Superintendent Greg Hamilton
CNP Staff attended State Meeting