• The Early Years of Phil Campbell School


    • The first school building was a two-story frame house located in the back of the Methodist Church. 
    • It was later destroyed by fire.   


    • The second school building was built on the site of the present school on Hwy 5.
    • It was a two-story wooden framed building with two entrances.
    • Just shy of ten years, it burned Christmas Day 1924. 
    • For the next two years school was held in local church buildings located on West Railroad Avenue.


    • The third building was completed in 1926.  
    • There were two buildings - the main building and a vocational building.  
    • The main building was destroyed by a fire many years later.
    • Graduation services for the very first accredited PCHS class were conducted at the Methodist Church in 1926.
    • The Class of 1926 had merely eight students.
    • The first football team was fielded in 1927 with 13 players on the team. 
    • At that time the football field ran along the highway in front of the school.
    • The mascot was the "Purple Tornadoes." 
    • In 1928 Phil Campbell won its first county championship in basketball.


    • Football was dropped during WWII.
    • A gymnasium was built in 1941.
    • The first basketball game played in the gymnasium was in 1942.
    • In 1947, the basketball team won the state tournament.


    • In 1951 Phil Campbell had its first and only undefeated football team.
    • The fourth school was constructed in 1954.


    • The Phil Campbell Band Program was initiated in the summer of 1962 under the leadership of Mr. Richard Hogan. 
    • The first band had 94 members. 
    • Phil Campbell School had several additions including a home economics and agriculture building and a band room.


    • In 1974 an elementary building was added (which later became the 7th and 8th grade building)