Teacher: Keylee Allison

  • Career Cluster

    Business Management and Administration Cluster

    Teacher: Keylee Allison



    Accounting is designed to place emphasis on basic principles, concepts, and procedures of accounting. Students are introduced to techniques of keeping special types of business records and are taught ways to use various types of related office equipment. Automated accounting software is introduced in the course; however, students are expected to have a thorough understanding of manual accounting before practicing with computerized accounting.

    Business Software Applications I and Business Software Applications II

    Basic Software Applications I & II are designed to provide students with skills in computer technology and business applications. The emphasis is on understanding and using integrated software with basic business applications. This course utilizes computers as a business tool through the use of databases, spreadsheet, word-processing, and presentation software, along with internet research. It includes analyzing, synthesizing, and evaluating situations to complete tasks efficiently and effectively. A major emphasis is placed on guiding students through real-world experiences to ease the school-to-career transition.

     Digital Media Design

    Multimedia Design (T4 - Teens Teaming with Teachers and Technology) is designed to provide students with skills involving presentations, desktop publishing, web publishing, and digital graphics. The curriculum includes the following skills: Technology Skills -- e-mail, Web browsers, copyright, netiquette, internet searching, forums, newsgroups, listservs, and software applications such as word processing, spreadsheets, and databases. . Presentation Skills -- page layout, multimedia presentation tools, web page construction, graphics, video production, and digital imagery. . Teaching Skills *- developing objectives, locating supporting resources, researching subject matter, project evaluation, and mentoring.

    Digital Media Publications

    Multimedia Publications provides students with skills to create digital publication items such as company logos, magazine covers, and publication layouts. Software taught on this course includes:  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, and Adobe InDesign.  Various hardware peripherals as well as the Internet will be used for integrating skills to create a variety of assignments.

    The Commerce and Information Technology Department (formerly the Business Education Department) offers courses and programs to meet a wide variety of students' interests and needs.  I teach Accounting, Advanced Accounting, Advanced Business Technology Applications, Business Technology Applications, Multimedia Design, and Multimedia Publications.

    I encourage all students to enroll in business courses while they are attending FCCTC.  These courses provide the background and training for higher-paying employment as well as create a solid foundation for a college education.  Every student benefits from business courses in all aspects of life.  Students who take business classes have the opportunity to receive Microsoft Office Certifications free of charge.