Teacher: Jamie Johnson

  • Career Cluster

    Architecture & Construction Cluster

    Dual Enrollment-NWSCC

    Design Technology Courses:

    Introduction to Drafting DDT 104

    For students interested in pursuing a career in engineering, architectural design, interior design or drafting, this course is essential.  The course introduces students to AutoCAD Software.  Students will be able to demonstrate multi-view drawings, including visualizing principle views, creating third angle projections, selecting proper drawing scale, and organizing layout of primary views.

    Intermediate Drafting DDT 127

    Students expand their ability to illustrate more complex objects using the computer-aided drafting (CAD) systems. Topics include sectioning, auxiliary views, threads and fasteners, pictorials, and the continuation of conventional dimensioning practices. Prerequisite for course is Introduction to Drafting.

    Three-Dimensional Sold Model Design I DDT 132

    Students are introduced to 3-D capabilities using CADD software.  Emphasis is placed on working planes, profile creation, protrusions, extrusions, and rendering techniques. Prerequisite for course is Intermediate Drafting.