Teacher: Danielle Hargett

    • Introduction to Cosmetology
      This course provides students with a study of hairstyling.  Students gain practical experiences in shampooing, hair shaping, hairstyling, and job    ethics.  Upon successfully completion, students will be able to perform basic procedures in hairstyling.  
      This is a prerequisite for Hair Coloring and Salon Practice and  Management.
    • Introduction to Nail Care and Applications 
      The course provides students with knowledge regarding nail and skin care services. Students will be able to apply artificial nails, perform manicures and pedicures.

    • Introduction to Spa Techniques
      Discover how your physical health effects your appearance. The focus of this class is to increase students knowledge of services and techniques used in a spa and how they improve not only physical beauty but your physical wellbeing.  Students will learn massage techniques and be able to demonstrate skin care to prevent aging, acne and increase relaxation.

    • Chemical Services
      Students will learn procedures to mix chemicals and to apply permanent waving, soft curls and chemical hair relaxing.

    • Salon Practice and Management
      Students will be introduced to the day to day operations of a salon.  Students will actively perform hairstyles and nail care, learn to schedule and manage a salon business, and design a layout of their own salon.   Salon Practice and Management is a course for students who are seeking cosmetology as a career.