• Welcome!

         We at Vina Elementary and High School are hoping that you will find our new website both helpful and informative.  Now and in the future we want this site and the links it provides to be a wonderful avenue for parents and students to use to know and learn more about Vina School. 

         I know we have been without a website for some time now, and we appreciate your patience.  Hopefully this new platform will be a safe and efficient way of getting the information you need concerning classes, dates, athletic events, fundraisers, and the like.  Also, parents, the hope is as we are changing grade and attendance programs to PowerSchool, that you will in the near future be able, through our site access your student’s grades and keep track of them.

    This website should be a continually growing link between our school and the rest of the world.  

    Thank you,

    Brent Gillespie

    Principal of Vina Elementary and High School

Principal Brent Gillespie

Principal Brent Gillespie
  • Mission 

     In collaboration with administration, faculty, families, and students, Vina High School is committed to providing a quality education that produces respectful, responsible, and resourceful citizens.  


    The vision of Vina High School is to provide a program that will enable every student to achieve the maximum development of his or her abilities and will prepare students to be active and informed citizens of a democratic society.