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             Welcome to the Vina High School website. Vina High School is a 1A school located in Franklin County, AL. We serve students from preschool age through 12th grade. Our teachers and faculty at VHS strive to provide all students with a safe and engaging learning environment while also giving them the opportunity to participate in numerous clubs, organizations, and sports programs. We strive to provide opportunities for our students that will open doors for success in life, college, and work performance. 

Principal Teddy Humphres

Principal Teddy Humphres
  • Mission 

     In collaboration with administration, faculty, families, and students, Vina High School is committed to providing a quality education that produces respectful, responsible, and resourceful citizens.  


    The vision of Vina High School is to provide a program that will enable every student to achieve the maximum development of his or her abilities and will prepare students to be active and informed citizens of a democratic society.