• Sometimes students fall significantly behind in their learning.  When this happens in the fundamental areas of reading and mathematics, the consequences can extend across the entire spectrum of learning.  To support students during these times, our district employs a progressive tiered approach called Response to Instruction (RTI).  The basic idea is that different strategies are used in an intentional sequence that begins with the simplest solutions and elevates, if necessary, to intensive research-based intervention programs.  The goal is to help students get back to grade-level expectations in the area of reading and math as quickly as possible.  Struggling students are monitored by a team of caring educators at the school level and they make up the school’s Problem Solving Team (PST)

     The school will communicate with parents if they are concerned about a student, but parents can also reach out to their student's counselor if they would like to seek assistance from the school's Problem-Solving Team (PST).  

RtI inage