• Insurance Questions:

    When is Open Enrollment for PEEHIP?

    Open Enrollment is July 1 to August 31 on paper form.  It is extended to Sepember 10 on the website.

     What form do I need to add/change coverage for PEEHIP?

    The New Enrollment and Status Change Form

    Can I do this anytime?

    No, Changes can be made during Open Enrollment and will be effective October 1. If made outside of Open Enrollment, it must be considered a QLE or Qualifying Life Event like marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or change/loss of coverage. 

    It must be done within 45 days of the qualifying life event.

    Do we have Dental Insurance?

    The only Dental Insurance available to new employees is through PEEHIP.  You will need to sign up for Dental coverage when you sign up for PEEHIP. 


    Retirement System Questions:

    Where can I get a retirement application?

    An application for retirement can be downloaded and printed from the RSA website, requested from RSA or by contacting the Payroll Office at the Board of Education Office.

    What is the deadline for the retirement application?

    The Application for Retirement or Packet 1 can be sent to TRS as early as 90 days prior to your retirement date or no later than 30 days prior to your retirement.