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    Welcome to our library page!  Pre-K through 3rd grade students have two library times per week.  4th - 6th grade has one hour long library time per week.  High school students may check out books any school day between 7:35 and 8:00, during break, and after 2:00.    There are several online resources that offer ebooks.  Look in the links section of this page or under student resources to find websites that offer digital books and stories.  Don’t forget to take your AR tests.  If you don’t remember your username or password for AR, send me an email requesting it.  I can also unlock students who get locked out of the program by typing in the wrong password.  Just keep reading!

  • Frequently Asked Questions

    1. How long can library books and materials be checked out?  Two weeks
    2. Who may check out library books and materials?  Vina School Kindergarten - 12th Grade Students, Parents, and Adult Members of the Community
    3. How many books may be checked out at a time?  Elementary School - 1 item, High School 2 items, Parents and Community:  2 items
    4. How much do I owe if I return my library book late?  We don't charge a fee for overdue books, however, books not returned by Christmas or the end of the school year are assumed lost and must be paid for.
    5. What happens if I lose my book or the book gets damaged?  You are responsible for paying the price to replace the book. Students who have a lost or damaged book may not check out another one until it is paid for.  
    6. How often are new books and materials purchased?   The librarian adds to the collection EVERY year.  If you would like a particular book that we don't have, simply ask the librarian to purchase it.  
    7. When are book fairs?  We have two book fairs every year: one in the fall and one in the spring.  There is a family night scheduled for each book fair.  Check the Event Calendar on this website for specific dates.
    8. Who may use the library computers?  The library computers are reserved for students to use, however, community members are welcome to use them when not otherwise in use.  
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Library Schedule