Homebound Services

  • The Franklin County Board of Education Provides services for homebound students.  The homebound student must be enrolled in the Franklin County School District with his/her permanent records filed in the counselor's office of that school.  Eligibility for home bound services are as follows:

    1. A Franklin County School form for Homebound Services must be completed.  This form is available from the counselor at each local school.

    2. This form must be completed by a licensed physician and faxed from the doctor's office to the local school counselor.

    3. A specific medical diagnosis and recommended duration of homebound services from a licensed physician is required.

    4. Homebound services will be considered for illnesses/disabilities for durations of two weeks or more.  If a student is out of school for less than two weeks, it will be the responsibility of the school, teachers and parents/ guardians to provide and obtain make-up work.  Referrals will not be accepted with less than two weeks left in the school year.

    5.  An adult is required to be at the residence when the homebound teacher visits.  The time of visit is dependent upon the homebound teacher's schedule.

    6. Pregnancy is not a disability under IDEA or Section 504 and will not warrant homebound services until after delivery unless specific medical problems associated with the pregnancy occurs.  Homebound Services may be provided after delivery if needed for a duration of 4-6 weeks as determined by the licensed physician.