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  • Virtual Summer Tracks

    Do not forget to sign your child up for Summer TRACKS. During the month of June, we will be offering a virtual TRACKS program only. We will offer all kinds of fun activities for your child to participate in throughout June. I have been told that the month of July has not been determined yet. The Summer TRACKS Program is also open to children who are not currently enrolled in the school year TRACKS Program. So parents please spread the word about our Summer TRACKS Program and be sure to enroll your child clicking on the title above.

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Announcements & FAQs

  • End of the School Year Info & FAQs


    Report Cards

    Report Cards will be mailed out to students by May 18th.


    Completion of the Year

    The last official day of the 2019-2020 School Year is May 22nd. 


    Supplies left on Campus/Lockers

    Return of Libray Books and Textbooks

    We have been given permission to begin returning students' personal items to them through the meal pick-up car line on Saturdays.  We will begin on Saturday, May 16 and will return items for students in grades Pre-K - 3rd.  On Saturday, May 23rd, we will return items for students in grades 4 - 6.  Parents will need to come through the meal pick-up line between 10:00 - 12:00.  Parents will need to enter the meal pick-up line by the high school and proceed to the back of the Tharptown cafeteria.  Then proceed to the canopy behind TES (where our buses load) and will then exit the school campus through the gate at the top of thill.

    *Students with locks on lockers will not receive their items at this time. These students will have to wait until students are allowed back in the buildings and on campus to get their things. 

    We apologize but due to the large number of students, we are unable to distribute the entire schools’ belongings in one day. If you are unable to come on your assigned day, you are welcome to send someone to pick up for you.
    Only PreK-3rd items will be available May 16th and only 4-6th grade items will be available on May 23.

    On these pick-up days, please bring and drop off any library books or textbooks that belong to the school. 

    Supply Lists for 2020-2021

    Information regarding supply lists for the upcoming school year will be posted at a later date. 

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  • Digital Learning Plan

    Franklin County Schools have adopted a digital learning plan for the remainder of the school year. 

    Your child's teacher will be communicating digital resources for enrichment learning to complete the 2019-2020 school year.

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  • State Testing

    There will be no state testing for the 2019-20 school year. Additionally, a State Report Card will not be released in the fall of 2020.

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  • Meal Pick Up Route

    Meal pickup will resume Saturday, May 2nd and continue each Saturday through May 23rd (May 9, 16, & 23).

    There will be no bus delivery!
    You must come to the school’s car line to pickup.

    10:00AM - 12:00 PM

    5 days worth of food at each pickup

    Someone will bring the meals to your vehicle. Children must be present in the vehicle for you to receive the meals. Meals will be delivered to the driver’s side of the car. Please remain in your vehicle and do not get out. 

    Meals should be picked up behind the cafeteria. Please follow the route as shown below. Enter at the high school and exit at the top of the hill behind the elementary. 

    Ariel Map View of Tharptown Campuses with Meal Pick Up Route

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  • Franklin County Schools



    Meal pickup will resume Saturday, May 2nd and continue each Saturday through May 23rd (May 9, 16, & 23).

    There will be no bus delivery!
    You must come to the school’s car line to pickup.

    10:00AM - 12:00 PM

    5 days worth of food at each pickup

    To ensure the students of Franklin County Schools continue to receive healthy and nutritious meals during the time schools are closed in response to COVID-19, Franklin County Schools will be providing breakfasts and lunches free of charge to students and anyone 18 and younger.  

    Meals will be prepared at each school cafeteria by Franklin County Schools CNP staff.  All Alabama Department of Public Health and USDA procedures and guidelines for meal prep, storage, service and sanitation will be observed.


    Meals will be provided according to the following schedule:

    Bus Riders

    Five (5) breakfast meals and five (5) lunch meals will be delivered to each bus rider.   These meals will be delivered between 10:00 a.m. and 12 Noon on Monday, March 23rd and each Monday thereafter until students are allowed to return to school.  PLEASE! Be available to receive your meals when the bus arrives.  You will not need to get on the bus to get your meals.  School personnel will bring your meals from the bus.


    Car Line Pickup 

    Five (5) breakfast meals and five (5) lunch meals will be available for pickup at your school between 10:00 a.m. and 12 Noon on Saturday, May 2nd and continue every Saturday through May 23rd. Meals will be served in your school’s drop-off/pick-up line.  Some of the lines will be reversed to make serving easier.  There will be personnel on each campus to guide traffic flow.  Please follow their direction at all times and DO NOT get out of your vehicle while on campus.  At the point of pick-up, someone will bring meals to your car for all children in the car.



    COVID 19 Meal Plan- English

    COVID 19 Meal Plan- Spanish

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  • Franklin County Schools
    Anxiety in School-Aged Children Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic
    Guidelines for Teachers & Parents

    March 13, 2020

    Facing the unknown is frightening for anyone, but even more so for children. At the present time there is much fear regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic. This information is provided toassist you in your classrooms as you interact with your students.

    Important Tips:

    Take care of yourself first. Children depend on the adults around them to be and to feel
    safe and secure. If you are very anxious or angry, children are more likely to be affected
    by your emotional state than by your words.

    • Children may need extra attention from you and may want to talk about their
      concerns, fears, and questions. It is important that they know they have someone who will listen to them; make time for them. Refer to the guidance counselor or school nurse if necessary.
    • Talk about the Coronavirus Pandemic with your students if you feel it is appropriate –only provide information that is CORRECT and age appropriate for the class. Do NOT repeat information to students that is not factual. Provide specific information: Example: “This is a respiratory illness spread by coughing and sneezing.” “The CDC states these symptoms appear in a few days after being exposed to someone with the disease or as long as 14 days after exposure: 1. Fever 2. Cough 3. Shortness for breath. For some people the symptoms are like having a cold; for others they are quite severe. Your parents will need to
      contact your health care provider for any specific concerns.”
    • Advise older children that everything they see/read on the internet is not necessarily factual. Tell them that the Centers for Disease Control and Alabama Department of Public Health provides the most up to date information.
    • Reassure children of the steps that are being taken to keep them safe. Provide specific information: “We are all going to be very careful to cover our coughs and sneezes by coughing/sneezing in our elbow”. “We must all wash our hands or use hand sanitizer often”. “Everyone should try to practice social distancing – which is to stay 6 feet away from others when possible.” “We are keeping our classroom clean to decrease the spread of germs at school.”
    • More detailed information is available on the CDC website:

    Talking with children about Coronavirus Disease 2019: Messages for parents, school staff, and others working with children


    Franklin County Schools Anxiety in School-Aged Children Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic- English


    Franklin County Schools Anxiety in School-Aged Children Regarding the Coronavirus Pandemic- Spanish

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Educational Resources

Mission Statement

  • The mission of Tharptown Elementary School is to provide a safe and comfortable learning environment for academic excellence where students are challenged and motivated to think critically and to develop habits of responsible citizenship in order to reach their highest potential for success. Our vision is for all students to feel 100% successful at Tharptown Elementary School to empower them to become successful and productive in a global society. The philosophy of Tharptown Elementary School is Teamwork Equals Success. The stakeholders of Tharptown believe teamwork equals success as the stakeholders share a set of common goals for the students of Tharptown Elementary:

    • to provide quality instruction of a comprehensive curriculum which meets the College and Career Ready Standards
    • to ensure that assessment should include varying types of evaluation, both formal and informal
    • to offer educational activities that challenge students to think critically and take responsibility for their actions
    • to ensure that students of all ability levels are well equipped to meet the challenges of education, work, and life
    • to provide a stimulating learning environment with a technological orientation across the whole curriculum
    • to provide a safe environment conducive to learning that is essential in encouraging growth and development as safety drills are performed on a regular basis throughout the school year
    • to provide clear communication to all stakeholders that includes sharing the responsibility to help students reach their fullest potential -to provide all stakeholders opportunities to provide input in decision-making and school programs
    • to involve all stakeholders in providing students the opportunity to succeed in a global society
    • to foster relationships and provide support for all families as our learning community becomes more diverse

School Newsletter

School Announcements

    Now through April 30th! **Extended to May 8th

    Follow the link to order your yearbook!

    Please take and share photos of your child doing any activities while in quarantine: enrichment assignments, art, etc!
    Please send them to laurastockton@franklin.k12.al.us
    Or text them to 256-415-7270
    (Be sure to include your child’s name!)

    *the number above is a line for yearbook photos only, you will not receive a response.

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  • A message from Dr. Thorn 4/1/20

    Click Here- A message from Dr. Thorn

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  • Kindergarten Registration

    Use the link below to register your child for Kindergarten at Tharptown Elementary for the 2020-2021 school year.

    Reminder: children must be 5 years old on or before September 1, 2020 in order to register for Kindergarten.

    Kindergarten Registration Form- English

    Kindergarten Registration Form (Spanish)


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