Alcohol, Tobacco, and Drug Prevention


    The use of/ or possession of tobacco, in any form, (including e-cigarettes and vaping) is herby prohibited on, or in, all school property at all times, including extracurricular activities.  Extra curricular activities are those activities that occur any time and place that are school related and/ or supervised.  They include but are not limited to , all athletic events, proms, field trips, class trips, academic competitions, riding of school buses for any purpose of reason, etc.  All offenders of this policy will be dealt with according to the guidelines laid out in the Franklin County Student Code of Conduct/Handbook. 



     The Franklin County Board of Education recognizes the need to educate students regarding the physical, social, and legal implication of substance abuse.  Therefore, drug and alcohol education shall be an integral part of the school curriculum in grades K-12.  The following policies shall be enforced:

    Possession, use transfer or sale of illegal drugs, drug paraphernalia , or alcoholic beverages is prohibited on or in all school properties at all times.  "Illegal drugs" shall be defined as the use, possession of, or sale of substances, which are prohibited by the Alabama Uniform Controlled Substance Act.  For example, no student shall use or have in possession any alcoholic beverage while he/she is on the school premises, under the jurisdiction of school activities or on the way to school or a school activity.

    Students found using illegal drugs and/or alcohol, in possession of, and/or involved in the sale or transfer of illegal drugs or alcohol on school properties shall immediately be suspended, pending a complete investigation by local law authorities. Note: The abuse or sale of prescription drugs will be considered illegal.

    Students found guilty may be expelled. Local school principals shall immediately report instances of possession and/or use of same drugs or alcohol to the local sheriff or police department, without exception.

    Local Community agencies that provide assistance with substance abuse are as follows:

    Riverbend - (Substance Abuse Service) 256-332-3971 or 256-764-3431

    Bradford Health Services - (Substance Abuse Services) 800-879-7272 or

    Hill Crest Behavioral Health Services: in Birmingham - 800-292-8553

    Bridge Treatment Center 256-546-6324

    Franklin County Juvenile Probation Officer - 256-332-8877

    The Cart House - 662-324-9612

    Decatur General West Behavioral Center 256-306-4000