A. All students are expected to come to school clean and dressed appropriately. If any student does not dress appropriately in the opinion of the principal or his 78 designee, the student will be called to the office and may be sent home to change.

    B. The following dress code guidelines have been adopted by the Franklin County Board of Education:

    1. Students in grades 5-12 will be permitted to wear shorts provided they are within four inches of the floor when the student is kneeling with either one or both knees on the floor. Skirts and dresses including slits, and all pants with tears or holes must meet same length requirement as shorts.
    2. The following items are NOT permitted as proper clothing attire: a. Tube or tank tops (fish net covers do not make these permissible);b. Strapless tops; c. Spaghetti strap shirts without coverups; d. Any shirt, which shows any skin around the mid-riff front or back and shirts/blouses with large armholes; e. Shirts with inappropriate words, graphics or pictures, including, but not limited to, beer advertising, tobacco promotions, etc.; f. Cutoff shirts or transparent (see through) shirts; g. Sagging pants (long shirts worn outside the pants do not make these permissible), pants are to be worn at or above the hips with no undergarments visible; h. The fringe on shorts does not count toward being acceptable in length; 79 i. No caps, hats, hoods, bandanas should be worn in the building; j. Any form of body piercing with the exception of pierced ears. Pierced earrings must be of a type, which cannot easily be pulled out; k. Pajama pants of any kind will not be allowed. l. Leggings or yoga pants must be covered with an appropriate top that meets criteria.
    3. Principals shall have the authority to determine appropriate dress and may add to these guidelines as needed.
    4. Dress for Physical Education Students, who for religious reasons, do not choose to dress in prescribed physical education attire shall be given the opportunity to choose appropriate alternate attire in keeping with the religious belief and the goals and objectives of said classes.