• AR

    AR (Accelerated Reader) is solely a motivational program to encourage your child to read.  It is not part of your child’s classroom reading grade.  After reading a story, your child can take a short AR quiz.  For every test your child passes, they collect points.  They have until April 30th to read stories, take quizzes, and collect points. 

         Every student who reaches his/her goal will be invited to go on the AR field trip in May.  The field trip is to Spring Park, the indoor Olympic-sized swimming pool in Sheffield, and Chuck E. Cheese for pizza and games.   Your child doesn’t have to bring money to this event.  It is a reward for doing all of that reading.  The student with the most AR points at the end of the year will receive a trophy at the academic awards program. 

    Goals are as follows:

    1st Grade:  50 points     2nd Grade:  60 points     3rd Grade:  70 points     4th Grade:  80 Points     5th Grade:  90 Points     6th Grade:  100 Points

         We are taking tests at school, but your child may also take tests at home.  There is a link to the AR website to the right of this article.  After reading a story, your child can click on the link and log in to take a quiz or check point levels.  You can help them find the quiz for their story, but please allow your children to take tests on their own. 

         Here are some frequently asked questions:

    1.   Does my child have to read the book alone?  No!  You may help your child read!  Reading to your child, reading with your child, and your child reading independently all count as reading the book. 

    2.   How do I know if the book my child is reading has a quiz on AR?  You can go online to arbookfind.com and search for the story to see if it has a quiz and on what level the book is. 

    3.   How do I know how many points my child has?  After your child logs on to his/her AR account, click on the progress star in the top right corner.  Also, after your child takes a quiz, it will show the progress made toward the goal. 

         Please make sure your child is taking the time to read at home every day.  Thank you so much for all that you do to encourage your child’s reading and learning.