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Name & Position Contact Info
Robin  Pharr
SpEd/Assessment/Counseling Coordinator
256-332-1360  Ext:1501
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Cynthia  Forsythe
Prevention & Support/Attendance Officer
256-332-1360  Ext:1024
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Tina  Stokes
School Psychometrist
256-332-1360  Ext:1502
Email Tina Stokes
Jennifer  Whitfield
Eligibility Specialist
256-332-1360  Ext:1503
Email Jennifer Whitfield
Theresa   Garrard
Preschool Specialist
256-332-8814  Ext:1506
Email Theresa Garrard
Sandra  Coan
Gifted Specialist
256-332-1360  Ext:1504
Email Sandra Coan
Debra   Spillers
Gifted Specialist
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