Folder K-12 Technology Course of Study (1 Files)
Download K-12 Technology Course of Study
Folder Microsoft Office 2010 Training Guides (9 Files)
Download Access 2010
Download Excel 2010
Download internet-explorer-quick-reference-8.pdf
Download Office 2010
Download OneNote 2010
Download Powerpoint 2010
Download Project 2010
Download Publisher 2010
Download Word 2010
Folder STI/INOW Manuals for Teachers (5 Files)
Download INOW Teacher Classroom Attendance
Download INOW Teacher Classroom Gradebook
Download INOW Teacher Classroom Lunch Count
Download STI SetsWeb User Manual
Download Teacher Tri-Fold Quick Guide
Folder Technology K-12 Scope and Sequence Chart (1 Files)
Download Technology K-12 Scope and Sequence Chart
Folder Technology Standards for Faculty and Administrators (2 Files)
Download Technology Standards for Administrators
Download Technology Standards for Teachers
Folder ALSDE Educational Technology Fact Sheet (1 Files)
Download ALSDE Educational Technology Fact Sheet
Folder Data Governance Policy (1 Files)
Download Data Governance Policy
Folder STI/INOW for Administrative Personnel (20 Files)
Download Attendance Guide
Download Counseling Sessions Guide
Download Creating a Query Guide
Download Creating Academic Sessions Guide
Download Creating Filters Guide
Download Creating Homerooms Guide
Download Creating Letters Guide
Download Creating Reports Guide
Download Discipline Guide
Download Elementary Scheduling Guide
Download INOW Basics Guide
Download Inserting Pictures Guide
Download Issuing Lockers Guide
Download Medical Data Guide
Download Scheduling Guide
Download Standardized Tests Guide
Download Student Filters Guide
Download Student Module Guide
Download Transcript Guide
Download Weighted Grading Guide
Folder STI/INOW for Nurses (2 Files)
Download Health Basics Guide
Download Health Module Guide
Folder Teacher Webpages (1 Files)
Download Teacher Webpage Instructions