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Meeting Type: Regular Board Meeting
Location: 500 Coffee Ave. NE - Conference Room
Date: 4/14/2011 5:15:00 PM





APRIL 14, 2011, 5:15 P.M.


  1.  Call to Order

  2.  Prayer

  3.  Pledge of Allegiance

  4.  Approve Agenda  

  5.  Approve Minutes of the March 9, 2011 Meeting

  6.  Accept payment of bills for the period of March 9, 2011 through April 13,



  7.  Approve Financial Reports for January 2011 and February 2011

  8.  Superintendent's Report

       A.  Attorney

       B.  Financial

9.   Award bid for computers to CDI Computer Dealers, Inc. as lowest responsible bidder    

      at bid price of $495.00 effective for six month period


10.  Approve Live Work Policy for Career Technical Education 


11.  Approve LEA Title I Plan


12.  Approve LEA ELL Plan (English Language Learners)


13.  Approve LEA Parent Involvement Policy/Plan


14.  Approve Complaint Procedures


15.  Approve Summer School for 2011 to be held at Phil Campbell High School, Red Bay

       High School and Tharptown High School.  The first session will begin on June 1,

       2011 through June 15, 2011 and second session to begin on June 16, 2011 through

       June 30, 2011.


       Fees:  In System - 1 Session $125.00 Both Sessions $250.00

                 Out of System - 1 Session $150.00 Both Sessions $300.00   


16.  Approve four day work week for personnel on ten, eleven and twelve month

       contracts for the summer months (employees will work extra hours Monday through

       Thursday to make up for being off on Friday) 


17.  Approve job descriptions for Registered Nurse/Lead Nurse, Licensed Practical Nurse

       and Registered Nurse


18.  Approve the following out-of-state trips:


•§         Approve trip for Vina School Kindergarten class to Tupelo Buffalo Park and Zoo in Tupelo, Mississippi May 5, 2011


•§         Approve trip for Phil Campbell High School Future Business Leaders to Six Flags in Atlanta, Georgia for the  Business/Marketing Days April 29, 2011 


•§         Approve trip for Red Bay School third grade to attend Buffalo Park and Zoo in

            Tupelo, Mississippi May 10, 2011


•§         Approve trip for Red Bay High School Baseball Team to Auto Zone Park in

            Memphis, Tennessee April 26, 2011 


•§         Approve trip for Red Bay 5th grade classes to Memphis Zoo in Memphis, Tennessee May 6, 2011


19.    Personnel:

         (See List)

20.  Ms. Trixie Heath

21.  Other Business:




22.  Next Board Meeting May 19, 2011 - 1:00 p.m. 


23.  Adjourn