Texbook Program



  1. Textbooks are furnished by the State of Alabama and administered by the Franklin County School System.
  2. Textbooks are issued to each student free of charge. A student, however, is responsible for these books until they are returned to the teacher.
  3. Each textbook is numbered for identification. These numbers are not to be erased or changed by the student. A record is kept of the book numbers issued to each student. The books returned must have the same identifying numbers as those issued to the student.
  4. Parents or guardians of the student are held responsible in case of loss or damage of a book. The fines will be assessed by the following guidelines:

                    A.  Full price if new when issued

                    B.  75 % of full price for books up to two (2) years old

                    C.  50 % of price for books three (3) years or older

       5.  The student and/or his/her parents assumes responsibility for returning these books at the end of the year or upon withdrawal from the school. The student and/or his/her parents are responsible for the cost of books lost or damaged (normal wear expected).