Federal Programs Overview


FranklinCountySchool System Federal Programs


Tilda Sumerel, Federal Programs Resource Coordinator, Highly Qualified Teachers

(256) 332-8438 or ext. 1402


Title I Program

The Title I Program includes supplemental reading and math programs for low performing students who meet program eligibility requirements at each of our schools. Students who are performing below average in achievement receive instruction, remediation and tutoring on skills they have been found to be deficient in. Title I is part of the No Child Left Behind Law.


Title III - English Language Learners Program

English Language Learners (ELL) Program serves students who are learning English as a second language. Currently, we have one ELL (English Language Learners) program instructor, Josie Dugan, who is located primarily at Tharptown Jr. High School. Teachers who work with students who do not speak English well may contact Dugan at Tharptown to receive information, interpretation and help for their students and their parents. We also employ an ELL instructional aide who works closely with Mrs. Dugan and the staff of all schools to meet the needs of ELL students.


Highly Qualified Teachers


To be Highly Qualified a teacher must:

1.  hold a valid Alabama Teachers Certificate in the field (subject area) they are assigned to teach.

2. be teaching the grade levels covered by their teaching certificate.

3. have in their possession a letter from the State Department of Education that states they are highly qualified in the field and for the grade levels they are assigned to.