Federal Programs Overview


Franklin County School System Federal Programs


Dr. Johnny Cleveland: Federal Programs Director, Foster Care Point of Contact, Homeless Liaison, EL Coordinator, Highly Qualified Teacher Coordinator, Library Media Specialist, Professional Development Specialist

(256) 332-8438 or ext. 1403


Title I Program

The Title I Program provides supplemental instructional and support programs for low performing students at each of our schools. Students who are found to be performing below average in achievement receive instruction, remediation and tutoring to help them make progress towards meeting the state's challenging student performance standards. All of our schools currently operate a Schoolwide Title I Program.


Parent Involvement Program

A major component of the Title I Program is Parent & Family Engagement. We set aside 1% of our Title I budget at each school to provide activities, workshops, training and resources to assist parents in providing effective support for their children and to assist parents with improving their basic parenting skills. Parents are encouraged to take an active role in their child's education and to participate in all appropriate school and system level programs and activities. Parent & Family Engagement Lead Teachers at each school work with other staff members and the parents to conduct needs assessments, analyze data, plan and provide activities and programs for parents and to actively involve parents in the planning and evaluation of the program.


Title III - English Learners Program

English Language Learners (EL) Program serves students who are learning English as a second language. Our EL Program staff provides instruction, resources and support to help students who qualify for the program improve their basic English Language Acquisition skills and work with them on an individual basis to identify areas in which they may need additional instruction, tutoring, remediation and support to help them make adequate progress towards meeting the state's challenging EL performance standards. EL students participate in the regular classroom instrucitonal program to learn and improve their core academic skills in our Sheltered Instruction Program. EL students parents are encouraged to participate in all appropriate school and system level activitites and programs. EL students are eligible to participate in all school activities and programs provided for their grade levels. EL students are encouraged to participate in appropriate extended learning activities including the TRACKS After School and Summer Instructional and Enrichment Programs, dual enrollment and all extra-curricular activities. School staff members participate in ongoing continuous professional development training to help them learn to work effectively with EL students in the regular classroom setting. The EL program personnel also work closely with students and parents to serve as liaisons between them and agencies to meet their basic needs.