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Franklin County Community Education established in 2001 facilitates life-long learning activities for adults and children to improve their lives and their communities.  Family involvement and community partners are an integral part in assuring the success of students.  Academics are improved through the use of technology, the arts, and career-technical activities.

Through innovative programs, Community Education helps local citizens, schools, agencies and institutions to become active partners in addressing education and community concerns by improving the quality of life in their communities.  Community Education also provides many extras needed to provide students with equipment, software, technology, and other extra services.  Community Education helps to fill the gap through obtaining grants and funding.  Over 15 million dollars has been secured in the last decade to ensure that students have some advantages that more prosperous school systems enjoy. 

Community Education offers a broad array of activities and enhances academics in providing quality assistance in the following areas:

•·        Afterschool T.R.A.C.K.S. Program

•·        Summer Enrichment Program

•·        Adult Continuing Education

•·        Curriculum Enrichment and Alignment

•·        Workshops, Events, and Media Campaigns

•·        Professional Development Opportunities

•·        Prevention Education

•·        Pre-Kindergarten and Early Childhood Activities

•·        Emergency Readiness Management Training

•·        Grant Writing and Evaluation

•·        Y.E.S. (Youth, Employment, and Seniors) Foundation