Adult Continuing Education

Franklin County Schools provide programs to help individuals complete their high-school diploma.  Some of these include credit recovery, remediation, PASS, and a Graduation Coach.  Other programs that may contribute to a student's success include the JAG, Camp Catch-Up, Summer School, and Drug Prevention Education. Adults are referred to Adult Basic Education classes provided by Northwest-Shoals Community College.

Community Education provides lifelong learning opportunities for adults to take enrichment and employment training classes.  Some of the classes offered in the past include: Basic Computer Skills, Excel, Advanced Computer Skills, Internet Search, Photography and Camera Classes, Floral Bow Tying, Welding, Extreme Couponing, Introduction to Bridge, Calligraphy, and Computer Maintenance. All classes are required to have a minimum number of attendees, fees paid, and the availability of an instructor. 

If you would like more information regarding any of these programs or to suggest a needed program or class you may be interested in please contact Community Education.