Disaster Preparedness

Readiness and Emergency Management for Schools Grant (REMS)

Basic Goals/Objectives: 

  •    To enhance the safety of  Franklin County Schools and continually improve the school emergency management plan
  •    To ensure that all school personnel have the appropriate training for their responsibilities pertaining to school safety.
  •    To prepare for and prevent any safety or health hazards in our schools.


During the 2008-09 school year the following safety training and precautions were implemented in the Franklin County Schools:

•·  NIMS (National Incident Management System) IS100 and IS 700  

training/certification has been conducted for all school administrators and school emergency teams.

•·  2-way radios have been programmed by Franklin County EMA director,

Mr. Roy Gober and placed in each principal's office. Portable megaphones and weather radios have also been purchased and placed at each school.

•·  School campus maps and building floor plans have been collected and

distributed to Franklin County EMA, and local fire and police  departments.

•·  All educators have been provided with the opportunity for

initial/renewal training in First Aid, CPR, and C.E.R.T.

•·  CERT (Community Emergency Response Team) teams have been formed

and trained at each Franklin County School.

•·   Emergency Management Training was been presented to the emergency teams at

each school by the Alabama State Department of Education

•·  Supplies have been purchased in preparation for any potential infectious  

diseases introduced into the school system.